Mumika’s Birthday Full of Yumminess Spectacular

Try saying that 5 times fast.

Recently Mumika went to the doctor and found out she had plaque build up in her veins similar to a person 20 years older than her.

It’s all those cheetos Mumika, they are killing you.

Despite trying her damnedest to eat healthy, the heart disease her family is known for is taking over.

So the doctor put her on a strict no carbohydrate, no sugar diet. This restrictive diet is more restrictive than my latest let’s claim gluten is the devil restrictive diet. She can’t eat fruit, potatoes, breads, pastas, rice,  and starchy vegetable. They took corn away. You all know how I feel about corn.

Basically lean meats and vegetables.

I would die. I would so die. I would cry and starve for a year. Mumika, you are stronger with food than me. I would have been like, if I eat rice and pasta and corn once a month, could I get away with that and not add to the slow death my body is striving unknowingly towards?


I’m going home for her birthday as usual and had this one meal planned that was a grilled chicken with red quinoa, rice, pecans, green apples, dried cherries and feta cheese, but now it’s totally out the window.

The OMG this is only what I can eat restrictive menu that would kill any diabetic menu

Pinchos with vegetable kabob
Grilled steak with oven roasted. 
    tomatoes and sautéed garlic brussel
Grilled chicken with sautéed spinach
     and roasted cauliflower

Breakfast cupcakes
Egg stuffed bell pepper
Baked bacon wrapped avocado slices
     with a poached egg

Birthday Dessert
Vanilla Greek yogurt souffle

Salads of somekind.

And there you have it. Clean eating at its finest. Not as creative but not too bad considering the restrictions. And it is all gluten free.

Mumika and Diabetic Michelle approved.

That and honestly, any reason is a good reason to use the grill. Man we could do grilled ribs with a side salad for tow of the lunches……. Hmmmmm…….


Grating butter

I recently read somewhere that the easiest way to make pastry that involves cutting butter into the flour was to grate it with a grater.

The inner Michelle ears perked up. Grating butter. Why haven’t I thought of that.

The whole reason why I fave been leary about pastry and making my own pie dough was the butter part. It seems frustrating and tedious. I could see myself screaming, cut damn you, cut.

That and using knives seemed pointless.

A week ago, I found a recipe that only used rice flour to make a gluten free pie crust.

I was leary.

And then I remembered to grate the butter.

So I tried it.

It WORKS!!!!!!!!

And you use less butter by grating it.

1/2 cup butter becomes 1/2 a stick. Cutting fat is always a plus.

Now no pastry is too hard to make and I can make homemade pie crusts.

Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Grating butter, a life hack every Susie homemaker baker needs in her arsenal.

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Jesus has risen day. Bryan and I ended up having dinner at his sister’s house where Timmy made amazing ribs and pork fajitas. The deviled eggs Lesley made were yummy. The whole spread was quite nice with the cheese and corn tortillas for the fajitas and the tomatoes with rice which I never got to because I was full and Bryan was blocking my ability to get to the rice.

This time I did stay away from the lemonade. Learned my lesson.

The funny thing Bryan and I noticed were how protein heavy the meal was. Ribs, pork fajitas, deviled eggs, cheese. Which was fine by me, the more protein the better.

I brought over the strawberry and creme pie which was delicious. One pie crusts down, a million to go.

On the bright side,  I found a fairly simple pie crust recipe using rice flour so I’m going to try it out in the next few days. That way there will be a gluten free post instead of looking what awesomeness I made that I and you can’t eat.

Nothing pisses me more off that being unable to eat.

All and all, not a bad easter. Hopefully we can do this next year.

Easter Menu

Easter is upon us.

I am not ready whatsoever. Graduate school is kicking my butt, however I’ll be down to one internship in the summer so I should be less frazzled.

I have been racking my brain for the last few days about what to eat on the day the prodigal son rose. Bryan hates ham so the traditional Easter meal will never happen in this household.

I also wanted to make something easy since it’s just the two of us. Last year I didn’t even remotely got within the same room as what I had planned to cooked. It’s the overachiever in me.

Also, the gluten free thing makes things a wee bit harder. I have like 9 pie crusts and puff pastry in my freezer. So one of the desserts will not be gluten free.

So completely not traditional, and quick and easy,  and remotely gluten free. Sounds complex somehow.

Easter Menu

Sausage, beans, and rice
Corn on the cob


Strawberry and creme pie – not gluten free
Greek custard.