Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Jesus has risen day. Bryan and I ended up having dinner at his sister’s house where Timmy made amazing ribs and pork fajitas. The deviled eggs Lesley made were yummy. The whole spread was quite nice with the cheese and corn tortillas for the fajitas and the tomatoes with rice which I never got to because I was full and Bryan was blocking my ability to get to the rice.

This time I did stay away from the lemonade. Learned my lesson.

The funny thing Bryan and I noticed were how protein heavy the meal was. Ribs, pork fajitas, deviled eggs, cheese. Which was fine by me, the more protein the better.

I brought over the strawberry and creme pie which was delicious. One pie crusts down, a million to go.

On the bright side,  I found a fairly simple pie crust recipe using rice flour so I’m going to try it out in the next few days. That way there will be a gluten free post instead of looking what awesomeness I made that I and you can’t eat.

Nothing pisses me more off that being unable to eat.

All and all, not a bad easter. Hopefully we can do this next year.


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