New Years Eve Menu

I’ve been stewing on this for weeks now. And then I get invited to New Years Eve Parties that I have to kindly decline stating I’m having a party of my own. The next question is always the same, “What are you doing?” after the decline.

And then they look at me crazy or in one case, “Are you Italian?”

Just so happens that I am. Oh wait, I was also raised European and my husband and I do love to dazzle at our parties. What I do not like is people trying to get invited to my party using the whole, “Aren’t I invited?” pity party shit on me. Seriously. Just because you know me, just because we work together or I’m doing my practicum at the place you are doing your internship does not mean you get an invite. I was kind enough to give you a Christmas present this year (coquito).

We are having a nice cozy party this year with company we enjoy because let’s be honest good company is rare nowadays. And if I am going to start a new year, I’m going to have people over whose company I enjoy and who are also amazing houseguests.

Although, once you read the menu, you might understand the self invite. Just when I think I can’t outdo myself, I usually do. I think the hubby takes pride in this ability of mine.

New Years Eve Menu

Raspberry Moscato Punch
Apple Cider

Tomato, Pepperoni, and Mozzarella drizzled with Pesto
Bacon wrapped little smokies

Beef roast stuffed with sausage and cranberries stuffing wrapped in bacon
Sautéed mushroom and asparagus in a garlic butter

Mascarpone stuffed strawberries
Peach and Blueberry Crumble

At Midnight there will by champagne soaked raspberry jello shots to ring in the new year.


Ok, yeah. The way I tend to view New Years Eve is that it is literally the last night of the year so no matter how horrible and shitty this year has been, there is at least one good meal on the very last that help prepare you for the next. Add some good company and fireworks, and there’s no way the new year can start off wrong.

So maybe I’ll the self invite come after all. No….no I won’t. Sometimes that instinct is there for a reason.


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