Insomnia is the perfect time to create holiday menus

Its been a while since I’ve posted anything. Graduate school really took over my life my last semester. What I thought would be my easiest became my hardest thanks to statistics, and a few other basic course. But I graduated in May, and am studying for one of my big tests.

After I graduated, I ended up doing a lot of things -the cure concert, throwing Mumika a 60th bday party, going to Puerto Rico, the diabetes trying to kill me, and now studying for the board exam.

And my insomnia has come back in rare form. Before, I could claim it was due to writing papers, studying, exams, projects. But now I have no reason. And its there rearing its ingly little head laughing at me. Originally, I would watch food network, then I became obsessed with the great british bake off, then I started watching the great irish bake off.

But a few nights ago, I realized the best way to use my time is to come up with my holiday menus and put together the shopping list. This way all I have to do is grocery shop. This year is less extravagant but still quite grandiose. I think I’m trying to find the main staples Bryan and I have to have that as the years comes closer to an end, we have something to look foward to. Last year Bryan threw a fit about no one making ambrosia, so I made sure that has made it to the menu.

Thanksgiving Menu

Deep fried turkey

Chris Ruth’s sweet potato casserole

Green bean casserole

Carrot roses



cheesecake baked in apples

Christmas Eve Menu


Arroz con gandulez

Arroz con dulce

Christmas Menu

Bbq pork stuffed with jalepenos and garlic

Garlic parmesan faux mashed potatoes

Asperagus with onions and bacon


Creamed corn casserole

Chocolate roulade with buttercream

Passion fruit creme brulee

If there is any potlucks I will make crustless pumpkin pie in november.