About The DIABETIC Kitchen

The DIABETIC Kitchen is designed for people who love to cook but look at recipes and wonder why on earth there are so many ingredients, sugar, carbs, and what have you. The purer the ingredients, the simpler the recipe, the more amazing the end product will be.

Although I do have type 1 diabetes, these recipes can also be helpful for those searching for a healthier lifestyle. Every recipe will be made from scratch (unless i’s something like cresent rolls or jello). No cake boxes, no brownie boxes, muffin pouches, cookie pouches, or pudding boxes.

I cook from scratch to make sure I can control everything I put in my mouth. Also, this allows me to tweak recipes to suite my lifestyle and enable me to enjoy the finer food in life without putting my life at risk. I can only eat so much boiled or baked food.

Every recipe posted will be made by me a previous day along with pictures and tips. Only the best recipes will survive. The yummy, I want to make this for the next five days, or when someone comes over to dinner so that they can rave about how amazing of a cook I am recipes.

A mere warning, I love bacon. I also hate seafood. So expect recipes with bacon in it and no recipe with seafood in it on this blog.

I can only hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I do.


5 thoughts on “About The DIABETIC Kitchen

  1. Came across your site. Love what you said about cooking with all those carbs. I am type 2 diabetic and love cooking from scratch too. I woke up to 38 degrees in Texas. Thanks for the Cherry limeade recipe drink.
    Fort Worth, Texas


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