Let the Holiday Yummy Extravaganza Begin

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.

Today I start preparing for what will always be known from here on out as THE HOLIDAY YUMMY EXTRAVAGANZA.

All the ingredients have been bought. And stored correctly. The brisket has been marinating since yesterday and I marinated the pork shoulder tonight.


This picture is a how you know or can tell you are an organized control freak deep down inside. Not only is the food organized by date they will be made but also includes what dishes, pans, pots and what have you will be used to make them. Then there is a complete list of all dishes needed to make everything along with the number of time it will be used.

Who the fuck does this?

Obviously I do.

Yeah. I have a problem. Sooner or later I will come out of denial and get the help I desperately need. Actually, scratch that, I will blissfully stay in denial.

On the brighter side, I found this while cleaning. Hopefully it will be a great guide for those that are baking with fruit.