Reindeer Chow (Peanut Butter and Nutella Muddy Buddies)

When I found this recipe last year, Family Christmas had already come and gone. Don’t get me wrong, the Hot Cocoa Ornaments were amazing and everyone loved them. But since two of Bryan’s siblings live 5 hours away, I really wanted to prepare a little snack for them for the ride home.

But that’s okay, because I didn’t know about the gift wrapped pringles can until this year.

Before I made these, Mumika told me something that boiled my blood for two days straight. I couldn’t focus on Christmas Eve and Christmas Dinner, I was so pissed. I mean, who does that and I had showed her what I was making. But when the time came, it was no where to be found.

As it turned out, my mother in law was making a different chex mix for the kids to munch on. A more savory version and forgot to put it out. When she said she had added Worcestershire sauce to hers, I automatically knew which version she was making. Mumika must have misunderstood her or something.

By the time I had made these little mx of awesomeness, I didn’t care that much. Why? Because they came out awesome.

Originally I was going to make two completely different batches and mix them together before putting them in the canisters. But then I realized, that was too much of a hassle and ended up making something completely different.

I made peanut butter and nutella muddy buddies. It was pure and utter genius.

reindeer chow

Reindeer Chow(Peanut Butter and Nutella Muddy Buddies)

10 cups chex mix (corn or rice or a combo)
10 ounces of dark chocolate chips
1/2 cup Nutella
1/2 cup peanut butter
5 tablespoons butter
12 ounces green and red M&Ms
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 cups powdered sugar


Melt the peanut butter, nutella, and butter in a microwave safe dish.

Microwave in 15 second intervals until butter is melted. Stir each time

Add the chocolate and continue 15 second intervals of microwaving until all is melted into the mix.

Continue stirring at each interval.

Add the vanilla and stir together.

In a large bowl add the cereal and pour chocolate peanut butter nutella mixture over it.

Mix with a spoon.

In a large paper bag, place the powdered sugar.

Pour the chex mixture into the paper bag.

Close the bag and shake it until the powdered sugar has coated the chex mix evenly.

Add the M&Ms and shake it..

Makes 20 servings. Or Four Canisters. Per serving/canister.

OMG, it tastes amazing. It’s really interesting because when you take your first bite, you taste the nutella and as you keep chewing the peanut butter comes out.

Also I reduced pretty much everything – the powdered sugar, the chex, the chocolate.

By keeping the peanut butter, you get some protein in there.

One of my sister in laws called it crack. Which it is. She would give one of her sons a few pieces as she ate the chex mix. When he popped the first square she gave him, his head moved back in pure euphoria and he said “mmmmm” and demanded more.

Adults and children alike will love this. Both kid and mom tested and approved.

My mother in law later told me everyone loved the gift, which made me happy. Bryan and I don’t have a lot of money to spend on our seven nephews, so I figured food would be the best bet. Just watching that one nephew’s reaction made me feel like I did enough even though he got a BB gun, toys, candy, books, and a skateboard from the rest of the family.

But then again, you’re talking to a girl that went all EEEE! when Mumika gave her a huge box of walker shortbread for Christmas one year.

It really is the little things.


Italian Cream Stuffed Strawberries

I first made this for Mumika for her birthday. We went through roughly 2 pints of strawberries in one sitting and I ended up making three batches of these amazing perfect treats before I had to go back home.

I originally wanted to make her an awesome cake but she requested something I little more healthy. After glancing at various recipes online, I came across strawberry stuffed cheesecake and decided to use mascarpone cheese instead.

Italian cream stuffed strawberries were born.

I used about two tablespoons of powdered sugar in each batch that weekend. It didn’t even occur to me to reduce the powdered sugar and add vanilla extract until I made the Italian chocolate cream crescents.

After making those crescents I had an abundance of mascarpone that would go bad soon if I didn’t use it. I definitely was not going to let that happen. Its not that mascarpone cheese is expensive (although Mumika would disagree with that statement), I just can’t let something that tastes that good go to waste. Which reminds me, I need to make boba sometime this month before the pearls expire. Armed with dedication, I came across the strawberries at HEB that actually looked amazing and we not on the brink of molding and THEY WERE ON SALE!

Italian cream stuffed strawberries! That’s perfect. And Bryan hasn’t had them yet.

Today I woke up craving them. So we had them for breakfast.

It was amazing. When I brought them into the living room Bryan immediately stopped playing his video game and was grinning while he watched the plate being set down. He looked exactly like our wolf does when it’s she knows it’s steak night and she’s patiently waiting for her steak.

Italian Cream Stuffed Strawberries

6 oz mascarpone cheese
1 tablespoon powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 pint strawberries


Using a 1/4 teaspoon measuring spoon, spoon the insides of a strawberry out making sure not to knick the bottom or sides. You can save and use the scrap strawberries for smoothies, lemonades, daiquiris, pie filling….get creative.

In a small bowl mix the mascarpone cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract until a smooth satin appearance forms.

Gently spoon the mascarpone mixture into the cavity of the strawberry.

Makes about 25 strawberries. Per strawberry.

I love these. Love them love them love them. They are perfect as a quick sweet treat. You could dip them in chocolate as an elegant dessert at a wine and cheese party. Or choose not to dip but drizzle chocolate over them for bridal showers, tea parties, tea time, baby showers, and any party, really, with a small spread. These are perfect for those parties where you want something sweet on the spread but you don’t want to do a cake, cupcakes, brownies, or cookies. Be daring, Be different and everyone will comment on how cute and amazing these are. If I owned a spa and did spa parties, I would definitely have this as part of the spa snacks. Man, I wish I had thought of this while I worked at my first spa and we had Spalicious.

These little gems would also be perfect as a sweet alternative to chocolates and a twist on chocolate covered stawberries on valentines day.

The creaminess and subtle sweetness of the mascarpone cheese pairs perfectly with the tart sweetness of the strawberries. So indulgent.

I’m in heaven when I eat one. Heaven.


Italian Chocolate Cream Crescents

I love mascarpone cheese. I love texture. I love the bland subtle sweetness of it. I love anything that has it in it.

You might notice I’m on a crescent kick lately. I found a few tubes in my fridge that were about to expire and decided making normal ass crescents just wasn’t going to happen. So I made these awesome churro ones and now I’m making these.

I get excited over the little things.

The one thing that frustrated me was the use of white sugar. I always mix powdered sugar with the mascarpone. ALWAYS. It creates this beautiful Italian like sweetness that hits the spot perfectly. You can taste the Italian in the cheese. I fear white sugar wouldn’t even come close in doing that. I also reduced the amount because I didn’t need that much.


Italian Chocolate Cream Crescents
2 ounces mascarpone cheese
1 1/2 teaspoon powdered sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tube of Crescent Roll dough
40 chocolate chips


In a small mixing bowl combine the mascarpone cheese, sugar, and teaspoon vanilla extract. Mix until well combined and has a satin smoothness to it.

Pop the tube and unroll crescent dough.

Place a tablespoon of the mascarpone mixture onto the crescent triangle and spread it with a spoon.

Sprinkle 5 chocolate chips over the cheese mixture towards the large end of the triangle.

Gently roll the crescent roll dough towards the pointed end.

Place the rolls parchment paper lined baking sheet.

Bake at 350 for 15 minutes or until the crescents are lightly golden brown. Remove from oven and allow to cool before eating.

Makes 8. Per crescent.

It’s rich. I didn’t expect that. I should have with the richness of the mascarpone and the use of chocolate. Add cream to chocolate and it automatically takes on a rather rich flavor.

It was oozing chocolate goodness and is definitely one of those rather indulgent foods. The whole thing screams elegance. And will definitely satisfy any chocoholic.

What’s great is that it’s portable. Tired of feeding the kids pancakes and waffles, give them this instead. Hell, don’t have time to feed the kids, give them two crescents and scoot them out the door towards the bus stop.

Pair it with fruit for tea time or it would be a great snack with hot chocolate during the cold months.